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Your Adventure Awaits

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Beauty and the Mess Yoga Wear – a yoga pant that is not only designed to make you look good, but make you feel good too!

With Love, From Robin

With Beauty and the Mess, my mission is to design glamorous pieces that not only make you look good, but make you feel good too. I received the vision while backpacking Italy with a girlfriend in 2015. In Florence’s Costume Gallery, I was instantly inspired by the creativity displayed on an elaborately gold wired, goddess-like sculpture. Falling in love with how Italians fearlessly bring beauty to everyday life, I committed to doing the same. Painting became my outlet for focusing on my passions, not perfection. Through my painting, I allow myself the freedom to be in the moment, creating beauty through the messy, imperfect process of working with paint and canvas.

I created Beauty and the Mess to pair my paintings with wearables. Each piece in the Beauty and the Mess collection is printed with my original artwork, each with its own unique story. Beauty and the Mess’ debut pant–the hot pink “For the Hot Mess”–is made for those of us who aren’t afraid of a little chaos, who have got the spark to stand out in a crowd and to face life’s challenges head-on.

Beauty and the Mess strives to create a sisterhood with a foundation that life is about passion, not perfection, bringing beauty to everyday life; a brand committed to giving back and supporting other amazing women. For every Beauty and the Mess purchase, a portion is given to support the dreams of young girls through Girl Up. Working with the United Nations Foundations, Girl Up helps to provide access to education, mentoring, and safety to girls around the globe.

Beauty and the Mess Wearable Art Perfectly Transforms for any Adventure that Awaits

I believe that how we feel—confident, beautiful, energized—is a choice, and that choice can begin with slipping into the perfect pair of pants. 

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