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The Inner Guidance Center

A Training Program with Robin Emmerich

What is The Inner Guidance Center Training Program?

It’s a movement – a movement to connect the mind and heart.

At its core, the Inner Guidance Center (IGC) training program is about helping people to become the best versions of themselves.

IGC helps people to identify and release the blocks holding them back from achieving what they want so that they can create the lives they desire. Based on a technique called regression, this program focuses on the healing the soul by healing the past. Regression is a process of unlocking past events so that the clients can identify and dismiss the ones that no longer serve them while working to reinforce the positive past experiences.

Dr. Coletta Long, a pioneer in the field of regression of over 65 years, created two comprehensive regression training manuals that incorporate her world-renowned energy release technique that transforms the mind, body, and soul. From working with thousands of clients, to exposing her healing techniques to many different countries, to attending numerous training programs, her work is invaluable to the study of regression.

We drew on this well of over 60 years of IGC knowledge, in addition to Dr. Coletta Long’s Regression Manual, to develop a training program. Life and wellness coaches, yoga instructors, massage therapists, empty-nesters, and more are experiencing the power of IGC to help clients uncover their passions, restore relationships, transform their careers, and to reclaim their lives.

“Investing in learning how to effectively conduct transformative regression sessions has not only changed my life for the better, but also given me the tools to support my clients through their transformation. Robin is a wonderful, supportive teacher who is available for support throughout the course and the certification process. I am so happy I chose this program.” –says transformational regression coach Kavita Melwani.

Ready to begin changing lives?

The IGC Curriculum is delivered in two parts:

Part 1: Non-Therapeutic Hypnosis and Regression Manual

This manual reveals how the subconscious mind is the key to mind, body, heart, spirit transformation. This is the in-depth work that helps people to clear the core root of the problem to reconnect to their heart and desires. The manuals reveal the steps to access one’s inner power and reclaim their life.

Part 2: 16-Week Audio Course

This course is delivered via downloadable MP3’s, through which instructor Robin Emmerich teaches the IGC methodology, how to conduct client sessions, tools she has learned along my journey as a student and practitioner, and example regression sessions. Participants will learn how their goals are achievable through their own intuition and how they can facilitate the journey for others.

Who needs this training?

We developed ICG for heart-centered entrepreneurs—those who want to make a difference in the world by serving others. If you love helping people, are committed to your own conscious evolution, and want to earn an income by empowering others, then you need IGC.

You can learn more about the coaches, healers, and other entrepreneurs already changing their lives and transformation for others here. 

What’s included in the training?

All the materials you need to learn IGC and to begin sharing the program with others, including: 


NOTE: 150 practice hours with completed evaluations and two client testimonials are required to become a certified IGC trainer. An additional ten personal hours are also required and can be included in the 150 practice hours.

A Note from Robin:

I’ll never forget the day that Dr. Coletta Long contacted me to ask me to carry on with her work in the field of regression. I was traveling to Assisi, Italy. As soon as I read her email, my heart leaped, and I called her from overseas. I knew then that wanted serve more people with my personal and professional experience. On that day, I committed to carry out IGC to empower the lives of others.

I am honored to carry out the legacy of my mentor, Dr. Coletta Long, and to transform thousands of lives through this work. After experiencing my own transformation in every area of my life through practicing regression, I feel called to share these life-changing tools with others. 

From a traditional corporate management career to a heart-centered, creative entrepreneur, this program is for people who want to learn, grow, evolve, and serve.

If you feel inspired to empower yourself in a deep, authentic, and powerful way, IGC is for you.

Robin Emmerich

If you feel called, welcome! I am so happy you are here!

All my love,

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