Breathe light into your life with art. HeartArt by Robin is an interactive art collection created to bring love, the transformational life force, into the physical.

Each piece is designed to open your mind and heart to new possibilities. This piece is a visual affirmation that collaboratively works with the subconscious mind, where positive change happens.

Original Acrylic on Canvas – 30” x 40” x 1 1/2″
Signed Limited Edition 16″ x 20″ Giclees available here
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About HeartArt by Robin

Robin Emmerich creates art expressing love, our transformational life force. These paintings strive to transform the transcendental into the physical by way of meditative channels attuned to the wavelengths of love.

Using different mediums, Robin develops colorful abstractions that emulate a boundless representation of love weaving in and out of her life experiences. Her goal is to directly acknowledge our differing emotions in the limitless effort to provide love to ourselves and others.

Everyone has something waiting to be explored. Robin offers a unique method to tap into the world of color and your endless possibilities.


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