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Beauty and the Mess

Wearable Art

Interact with art in a new way to bring more love and beauty into your life! Introducing Beauty and the Mess Yoga Pants, an athleisure fashion line designed from my original art collection. Your adventure awaits…

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Hot Mess?

Retreat Online

Join me in a 6-week, live-interactive, online course based on Stanford University’s ‘Creativity in Business’ that will take your personal and professional life to the next level. Join me on Tuesdays, beginning Jan 9th!

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Beauty and the Mess

Original Art

An interactive art collection designed to open your mind and heart to new possibilities — visual affirmations that collaboratively work with the subconscious mind, where positive change happens.

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“Working with Robin on a “relationship pattern” helped me breakthrough something I had been holding onto for lifetimes.  I am now in the most healthy, conscious, delicious love relationship of my life!  Thank you Robin, you are truly a gift to the world!”
Jennifer Grace, Hay House Author
“Robin is amazing at what she does. Through her incredible insight, she was able to help me reveal a deep rooted block that was hindering my results and for that I am extremely grateful. I highly recommend Robin if you are ready to to finally wake up and take control of your future and start living the life that you truly desire!”
Megan Tull, Author
“Working with Robin is an amazing experience.  When you go into a past life you realize all the parallels between this life and the others. Through that realization I was able to heal significant trauma and help myself recognize patterns of self doubt. I recommend Robin for anyone who wants to move forward and become a better version of themselves.”
Chelle Neff, Founder of Urban Betty
“Robin has helped me connect with the most important relationship I will ever have, the one with myself. For years, I looked for happiness in experiences and with others, Robin guided me to find it within myself, by helping me clear up my blocks, recognizing my potential. Her genuine support, and empowering me to trust, she has helped me move into a new phase of my life, one filled with happiness, and acceptance.”
Emily Roberts, The Guidance Girl and Author of Express Yourself

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