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What My Clients Are Saying

Jennifer Grace
“Working with Robin on a “relationship pattern” helped me breakthrough something I had been holding onto for lifetimes.  I am now in the most healthy, conscious, delicious love relationship of my life!  Thank you Robin, you are truly a gift to the world!”
Jennifer Grace, Hay House Author
“Working with Robin is an amazing experience.  When you go into a past life you realize all the parallels between this life and the others. Through that realization I was able to heal significant trauma and help myself recognize patterns of self doubt. I recommend Robin for anyone who wants to move forward and become a better version of themselves.”
Chelle Neff, Founder of Urban Betty
“Robin is amazing at what she does. Through her incredible insight, she was able to help me reveal a deep rooted block that was hindering my results and for that I am extremely grateful. I highly recommend Robin if you are ready to to finally wake up and take control of your future and start living the life that you truly desire!”
Megan Tull, Author
“Working with Robin instantly changed a relationship in my life for the better. Her guidance helped me immediately see things from a different perspective. She’s got a calmness about her that makes you feel really comfortable talking to her. If you have uncertainty in your life or need help seeing things from a different perspective, go see Robin – she’s amazing!”
Jen Smith
“Working with Robin was a catalyst for change in my life. I was hesitant at first being a more analytical and less woo woo type person. I started to work with her to build my business, but quickly found there was more happening in my personal life at the time causing havoc on my life overall.  I was able to let go of some past issues, a wrong relationship and find more clarity in where I wanted to go in my life beyond just my business.  She was able to pull out the real issues and move me forward!”
Denise Antoon
“Robin has helped me connect with the most important relationship I will ever have, the one with myself. For years, I looked for happiness in experiences and with others, Robin guided me to find it within myself, by helping me clear up my blocks, recognizing my potential. Her genuine support, and empowering me to trust, she has helped me move into a new phase of my life, one filled with happiness, and acceptance. With her help I have gained tools that I can take with me everywhere. I would highly suggest working with her if you are ready to get happy and live the life you have imagined.”
Emily Roberts, The Guidance Girl and Author of Express Yourself
“Before working with Robin I was unsure of where I should go in my life. I felt lost and didn’t have passion for life. I also wasn’t confident in my abilities. After working with Robin I have a clearer picture of who I am, what I am here to do, and have the skills I need to move forward. Robin is a wonderful, spiritual and gentle soul, I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her.”
Kavita Melwani
“Working with Robin, specifically taking her Creative Insight Journeys course, has provided me with such refreshingly useful tools to use in all aspects of my life….tools that have greatly improved how I work with, treat and view other people and myself; that have empowered me to create my own life’s canvas; and that have allowed me to embrace my dreams, knowing I have what it takes to make them become my reality!”
Georgia Beth Ridenhour
“Robin confidently shares her gift guided by a passion to help people. Robin gently and confidently guides one to any darkness, works with them to acknowledge and then to release it.  Robin ignites a light into one’s soul, helping them to reconnect with their true self, clarify what they really want; inspiring them to live the life they truly desire.”
Heather Jessome
“Working with Robin has been truly life-changing. She has helped in so many facets of my life by giving me the tools I need to make BIG changes. Her knowledge, professionalism and compassion toward each client is what genuinely sets her apart. If you have the opportunity to work with Robin, take it….you won’t regret it!”
Courtney H.
“I’ve had several sessions with Robin, and I have really benefited from them. I was going through a divorce and looking for a new job. She was able to help me see the meaning behind the events that have transpired and give me the confidence to move forward. I would highly recommend her. She is a beautiful woman with a beautiful spirit and has a gift in helping others transform their lives.”
Allyn N.
“As women we are often taught to listen to everyone else’s voice except our own.  It’s a slow, subtle loss of self until we find ourselves not living an honest, open life. Working with Robin helped me learn how to live a life of Truth and not react out of Fear. My relationships are balanced and my life is less stressful when I avoid being the caretaker of everyone. I’m so grateful for Robin’s guidance during my journey.”
“I wish the passion I felt in my heart would translate better into words. Without sounding cliché, Robin changed my life. Seriously. The first day I saw her, I was exhausted. Exhausted from my job, exhausted from my family and friends, and exhausted from all the weight that the world was putting on ME. I remember telling Robin that I just wanted “peace in my life”. What I’ve learned in my two-and-a-half years (so far) is that it was MY OWN PERCEPTION OF LIFE THAT WAS EXHAUSTING ME. I was adding unnecessary stressors in my life, which led to control issues, drama, exhaustion, and ultimately, complete unhappiness. It took some digging and some tears but with Robin’s guidance, my perception has changed, not only of the world, but more importantly, of myself!”
Laura Wallace
“I met Robin by accident in early 2013 and it could not have at a been better time in my life. I was dealing with a divorce, living on my own for the first time and rapidly excelling in my professional career. Not having time to understand or even process these life changing events or even enjoy the minimal down time I had. I found Robin on Facebook and after a few conversations with her, I began one-on-one coaching and also joined an online group workshop. With both experiences I appreciate Robin’s authenticity and genuine nature. She has helped me learn many techniques of how I can professionally and personally create and sculpt my life. I’ve learned that challenges in my life are not my whole life and I’m now able to look at every situation with a fresh perspective. This was an amazing experience that I have cultivated as part of my daily habits. Robin has helped guide me, with deliberate steps, towards a life that I desire, and it was FUN!”
Brie Love
“[Robin] has an extraordinary gift…I came to [her] emotionally, mentally and physically closed up. [She] has guided, encouraged and supported me and have allowed me to allow the “real me” to come into the light and glow with a bright and shiny brilliance I never knew I possessed. There is no going back for this girl, I am achieving alignment and bliss and have never felt more peaceful or powerful. I look forward to the work that is ahead.”
Shauna A.
“Robin helped me get my self confidence back! I was going through a tough time financially and with relationships. I had several sessions with Robin and she helped me to see my self worth! I am now out of debt and engaged to the most amazing man! We are getting married in June 2012. Thank you Robin for helping me change my way of thinking.”
Sarah J.
“I have grown immensely as a person since I started working with Robin several years ago. At that time, I felt lost in my career, and was seeking “happiness,” although I did not really know what that meant for me.  Robin has guided me to find, listen to, believe in, and follow through with satisfying, my own individual truth. I now live in a home and community that I love, am starting my own small business, and have a loving, supportive relationship. I can honestly say that I am happier than I have ever been, and it is in no small part thanks to Robin’s guidance.”
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