How to Change Your Life

If I were to write a “How to….” on anything personal growth related, I would say: Step 1: Turn it back to you Step 2: Turn it back to you Step 3: Turn it back to you Whatever it is you want to know, turn to you. Whatever it is you want to judge, turn [...]

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Why Your Vision Board Isn’t Working

There are few things more fun and encouraging than creating a vision board. You gather some magazines, a pair of scissors, a poster board, and some tape or glue. Flipping through each periodical, you then cut out images of what you would like to manifest in your future—a promotion, car, dream house, ideal spouse, the [...]

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Fear of change?

Last week I celebrated my birthday in Vail, Colorado with my significant other. We spent our time enjoying the outdoors, the unique shops inside the village, and fabulous meals. From the first day we arrived to the day we headed back to Denver, I noticed a change within me. To my surprise it was not [...]

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Living your passion?

Happy Summer! We are beginning the second half of 2014…Can you believe it?! Have you set up a date with yourself to reflect on the last six months? I have found the last six months to be some of the most incredible and challenging times in my life. As I continue to follow my heart [...]

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Finding the light

This month, seventeen years ago this month, I lost my father. February 14th, 1997. While most celebrate love on this day, I experience a range of emotions. Each year, I feel the pain in my heart, the pain of loss and a love for my Dad that is so deep. Yet I also feel the [...]

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3 simple steps to get out of your own way!

Spring cleaning is over and April has arrived to spring us into action! What have you desired to do, but have been holding back from? Do you want to commit to a healthier diet, a new workout routine, get back into dating again, or achieve new career heights? Now is the time to re-focus and [...]

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Do you feel stuck?

We all know feeling stuck can be frustrating, but how do we move forward? Last week I went to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It was such a beautiful movie and the line that easily wedged itself into my thoughts was "we accept the love we think we deserve." This statement resonated with [...]

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