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Hello February! The month of love!!

February is the month I typically hit the RESET button.

Ten years ago, grief and self-doubt unconsciously controlled my life. This Valentine’s Day is the 19th Anniversary of my father’s death and not a day goes by that I do not think of him. What has changed is that I can now feel love, gratitude and acceptance for everything in my life that has contributed to the woman I am today. I now value each and every day and know we only have today.

We are bombarded by the media with Valentine’s Day sales, chocolates, flowers, and diamonds. Sure these are nice things to have, but I challenge you focus on you heart: What is it you really want this Valentine’s?

We are absorbed with something already; whether we consciously realize it or not. It may be a romantic relationship or a hope for one…it may be work, health, finances, or even a thought pattern saying “I don’t deserve to be loved.” We can be so absorbed that we unconsciously hold ourselves back from our highest vision, Maybe you may want to have the relationship with someone you dream of, yet you continue to push away every opportunity because “they are not…..(fill in the blank.) You find excuses to stay in your “comfort zone” and not take the necessary risks to open your heart. You are not alone; we all have an inner saboteur.

I invite you to start small and ask yourself: What are you absorbed with that is fueling you or draining you?

This question will help get to the heart of the matter and allow doors to open up in your life. As we express what is in our hearts, we can truly live life.

If you are ready to find clarity and fulfillment in your relationships, my new online course Discover You is now available! This course is for anyone who wants to dive into who you are, what you really want, and succeed in achieving it. It is the first step to living with passion, purpose and fulfillment. Discover yourself today.

Wishing you a beautiful Valentine’s filled with love. Thank you for sharing your journey with me.

All my love,

About the Author:

Helping people around the world rediscover happiness and create a new perspective in their life, work and relationships. I guide them to find clarity in their thoughts and access inner truth. With a new-found powerful, purposeful essence within, they connect in more fulfilling ways in their relationships, career, finances and well-being. I am dedicated to teaching what I have personally experienced- how every choice empowers us to create the lives we desire.

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