What to Do When You Feel Stuck in That “Next” Decision

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Imagine waking up every morning with an inner drive that leads you to make your everyday decisions with confidence with loads of energy in the midst of it all?

I often write about exhaustion, feeling conflicted, and stuck with an internal dialogue that says, “What am I supposed to do next?”

This point in history is a turning point from the traditional roles women (and men) fulfilled without question to multi-faceted roles without clear lines drawn in the sand. I hear from more and more women describing a conflict of emotions surrounding having children, a family, and also following their creativity, passion, and successful career path. There is an either/or mentality running rampant around what is the “right thing to do.” This will inevitably stop a person in their tracks and slowly kill the inner spirit. It’s why I created my athleisure line, as a visual reminder, and why I’ve launched Love the Mess, a Patreon community for women to live in flow with life.

Healing the mind, body, or spirit is not an overnight endeavor. It is a rigorous task that requires courage, honesty and showing up each and every day for you, and you alone. @RobinEmmerich (Click to Tweet!)

As a self-confessed (at times I still attempt to slip back into it) people-pleaser, I can tell you that it is a lot easier to care for others than commit to self-care. What I have discovered is that it takes belief in yourself to begin the healing process.

Enter your subconscious mind.

Whether you want to get healthy or heal an illness, have more clarity in “what to do next,” or discover the depths of yourself that leads you to create your next level of success, intimacy or start a family, it starts with the power of your mind.

My friend Carli came to me with a desire to leave her teaching job and become an entrepreneur helping women make the changes in her life that she had experienced. She had a few ideas on her direction but felt stuck on how to get there. As I guided her to focus on the healing power of the mind, she felt her body get stronger. Once she felt that physical strength, she discovered that she had more creativity and ideas for a clear path to move out of her work and into creating her own. She continued the process and imagined what her new endeavor looked like, felt like, and imagined it all happening in perfect timing. Within a short amount of time, the doors opened for her to make a smooth transition and take the leap.

Your subconscious mind understands how to direct the healing energies of your body to work freely and properly to revitalize and rejuvenate your body.

You have seen those healing processes work to heal skin that has been cut or bruised. You have seen those healing energies work to heal broken bones; so you know your own body has healing energy, and it can heal any damage, disease or sickness you ever experience.

You can explore that same healing energy in your own body and feel the healing power available to you.

Imagine yourself with a healthy, strong body, exactly the way you want your body to be.

See yourself, and think of yourself with a perfect body, exactly the way you want your body to be in every respect.

As you continue to think of yourself the way you want your body to be, your subconscious mind is accepting this image and is gradually causing all of your body processes to keep functioning more perfectly.

Each night, just before you go to sleep, close your eyes and think of yourself exactly the way you want to be, with a perfect body, healthy and strong.  As you continue doing this over a sufficient period of time, you keep reinforcing this image in your mind. And your own subconscious mind, which controls all of your body functions, will cause you to keep improving steadily.

You will also find that your self-confidence will continue growing stronger, and you will keep improving in all areas of your life, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This is the “wholeness” of who you already are.

As you practice this, you will discover your inner drive becoming stronger and stronger. You’ll have the courage, confidence, and determination to tackle and solve every problem that comes up in your life.

Understanding how to use your subconscious mind allows you to attract opportunities to you and believe in your choices.

You will also continue developing more understanding of self-love. This will increase your feelings of love toward others. As you continue to be more loving and more understanding toward others, you will find more love and understanding flowing back to you, and your life will be filled with a whole new experience of love.

Each day will bring you greater happiness and joy.

Yes, that is an affirmation to repeat: Each day brings me greater happiness and joy.

Say it. Believe it. Feel it.

Let’s support each other! Share your experiences in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear what you discover.

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About the Author:

Helping people around the world rediscover happiness and create a new perspective in their life, work and relationships. I guide you to find clarity in their thoughts and access inner truth. With a new-found powerful, purposeful essence within, you willconnect in more fulfilling ways in your relationships, career, finances and well-being. I am dedicated to teaching what I have personally experienced- how every choice empowers us to create the lives we desire.

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